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The Anarchs

The Anarchs do not see themselves as a Sect* per se but rather as a collection of idealists who want nothing more than to be free. A movement if you will. They resent the status quo that is enforced upon them by the Elders* and have a severe distaste for ageist politics.

They often opt to elect a Baron, who presides over an area and lays down a semblance of law. The Baron ironically tends to be an older Kindred*, but the majority of Anarchs need to back this individual (or the Baron must be powerful enough to be able to force its claim without the endorsement of the "proletariat")

Emissaries are the (sometimes self-elected, sometimes forced) diplomats of the Mocement facing outwards, who play the political game and are often the ones sent into Camarilla Domains* wih an olive branch in hand.

Sweepers are the Movements Scourge and Sheriff turned into one. Their job is simple: check the territory and the Kindred that move about and expel those who're not welcome.

More often than not the Anarchs are made (unwittingly, or due to careful planning) a buffer zone against the Sabbat, which often leads to the latter proselytizing extensively.

The Anarchs have strongholds in Los Angeles and overall a very strong presence in California.

Sect = A group of Kindreds, i.e The Camarilla, The Anarchs.

Elder = A Kindred of age (often a century or more).

Kindred = A Vampire

Domain = An area which a powerful Kindred has claimed.

Scourge/Sheriff = A Scourge tends to the Domain and expels those who're not welcome within it, while a Sheriff sees to that the Laws of the Camarilla are followed, and pursue lawbreakers.

The Sabbat

The Sabbat is a loose organization of Kindred that rejects the Traditions set in place by the cursed Camarilla, and believes in their own superiority, and that they will be the army of Caine when the apocalypse - or Gehenna as it's called in Kindred society - arrives.

Where the Camarilla has a Prince, the Sabbat has an Archbishop, and instead of Coteries, they form Packs, where they have a Ductus that leads the pack in war and a Priest that tend to their flock and their spiritual needs. There is heavy emphasis on Rites that bind the Pack together in a way that makes Blood bonds look rather tame (or relaxed).

The Sabbat is home to the most depraved monstrosities, who relish in slaughter and wanton destruction, a brutal and brief existence for most. This leads to "Neonates" of the Sect being - often if not always - more powerful than their Camarilla counterparts, as they've fought and Diablerized their way toward survival.

There is also the occurrence of mass Embraces, where the phenomenon Shovelheads are created. During these occurrences, the Sabbat drain a plethora of individuals (like a midnight rave in the forest, or a summer camp), feeds them their blood, and (here comes their colloquial namesake) whack them across their heads with a shovel before burying them in a mass grave.

Those who claw themselves out of that wicked pit go through some sort of transmogrification and are thusly stripped of their Humanity, ready to be sent en masse against the enemies (often a Camarilla city that the Sect plan to besiege) of the Sabbath.

It goes without saying that the Sabbat cares little about the Masquerade and the other puerile rules the Camarilla tries to enforce on the Kindred world.

Traditions = Rules that make up the Camarilla's backbone, and which they obdurately enforce to ensure the safety and survival of the Kindred.

Caine = The alleged Ancestral Vampire, Abel's brother who through his fratricide invented murder

Coterie = A group of Kindreds that have banded together, often due to some common goal or purpose

Blood bond = The act of binding another creature (often a Mortal or another Kindred) to oneself through feeding them one's Vitae (Kindred blood). This makes them less likely to revolt or take hostile actions against the Kindred who've fed them.

Diablerie = The act of draining another Kindred of all blood and persisting to do so until having consumed their very essence/soul. A truly despicable act, illegal within the Camarilla (with very few and explicit exceptions), which is almost always punished by the destruction of the Diablerist. Somewhat encouraged within the Sabbat.

Embrace = The act of creating a progeny. Usually, one must gain explicit permission from the ruler to do so - at least within the Camarilla. There are of course Barons who feel that controlling the population growth is tantamount to their power's and Movement's survival.

Humanity = Humanity is both a unit of measurement and a term denoting the Beast's (The primal urge, the predator within) foothold. The less Humanity a Vampire has, the harder it is for them to control their urges and the easier it is for Mortals to sense that something is wrong and actually perceive the pale, inhuman predator the Vampire truly is.

The Masquerade = The First Tradition that is in place in order to perpetuate the notion that Vampires are fiction, through forbidding Kindred from exposing Kindred Society to non-supernaturals.
Thou shall not reveal thy true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing such shall renounce thy claims of Blood.

It goes without saying that breaking this Tradition is synonymous with Final Death (Dying as a Vampire. The End).