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Practical information

Stockholm By Night is a Vampire the Masquerade-inspired LARP campaign that began in 2003. It's set in the modern nights, where the kindreds of the Camarilla face off against foes and woes, both internally and externally. We LARP every other Saturday, with a break for both Christmas and Summer, and the LARP dates are communicated before the term starts.

To LARP with us, you need to be a member of the organization "Stockholm by Night" or pay a fee of 50 SEK for each LARP that you attend.

However, if it is your first time joining us, you are allowed to attend on two occasions for free, to get a feel for whether or not you want to partake further and subsequently become a member. The membership fee is decided at the annual meeting ( which the Board organizes ). If the cost for a full year would be too steep, you can always opt into disbursing every half year instead.

The events are currently held on the premises of Studiefrämjandet in Högdalen at Högdalsplan 12.

Book a Gamemaster

The premises are open from 15/3 pm and up until the introductory round the Gamemasters are available for going through actions, questions, or general assistance in increments of 20 minutes. You need to book a Gamemaster for these types of things. To book a gamemaster, follow the link bellow.

Book A gamemaster here!

We use a google document for bookings and this document is cleared and updated before every LARP. You book the Gamemaster of your choice by filling in your name on the desired time slot. Do not remove anything on or alter the schedule, if a particular slot is taken, it is taken.

The LARP itself

The LARP tends to start somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour after the introductions are done, and we typically frolic to about 23/11 pm. We then clean and tidy up the spaces we've utilized, as a collective, for speed and efficiency. When all that is done, we are finished for the night! However, sometimes people transition to a bar for a beer or two, to shoot the proverbial shit and to ease out of their characters.

Larping in Stockholm by Night

Stockholm by Night, or SbN, is a vampire LARP based on a revised edition of the roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade (if we were going for an edition, we would most likely be closest to the third edition), but with a focus on the word based on. There are a slew of house rules and should there at any time be a discrepancy between what a gamemaster has said and what is said in the rulebooks, the GM's word is final.

As stated earlier we have an age restriction and the reason for this is because of the dark and at times unsettling themes such as drugs, violence, oppression, sexual violence, sexism, racism, and many others. It might not be commonplace at every LARP, but these things do exist - you must be aware of and accept this setting and its themes for you to LARP with us. Naturally, there are precautions in the form of safewords and gestures to ensure our safety and comfort.

To the greatest extent possible, we avoid "dotplay" and refrain from challenges (rock-paper-scissor) in the open. We have a play to lose/lift attitude, which means that we try to accept what transpires and let the game continue. This does not mean that you are expected to be bested in every arm wrestling contest by characters much less proficient in it, but rather have disciplines and other mechanics go through rather than contesting it. Challenges do occur and should you want to contest anything, try to do it away from the game floor.

Social and political plots are the mainstay of the LARP, with intrigue and a stringent status based hierarchy, this does not mean that there are no plots that circulate around physical or mental prowess.  

We have a very strict set of guidelines when it comes to creating a character and the subsequent progress of said character as the games go along. The characters are all created on the same premise and sixty years as a supernatural (ghoul or kindred) is the oldest your character can be, unless there are appropriate circumstances.

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Tips for a good LARP experience