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GM Vision

Stockholm by Night is a LARP campaign set to the grim and bleak tunes of the Old World of Darkness and tends to, but not always follow the rules and lore of Vampire: The Masquerade. In our canon, Gehenna has not yet occurred and we are in the Wild West of the North, Stockholm, a city where Neonates thrive and come together to form a sub-Camarilla, underneath the very watchful eyes of the Elders.

Stockholm by Night is a LARP for adults.

There are some similarities between our Stockholm and SbN's Stockholm, but most everything is bleak and in washed-out shades of grey and black. The arteries that are the highways and walkways of the city are flowing with throngs of vehicles and bodies, most stuck in a monotonous rut, rarely looking up from their smart devices. Compassion and love are a rare commodity, with crimes of every corrupt, violent and wicked kind are far more commonplace than in our Stockholm. The gap that divides those who have and those who don't is cavernous and deep as the blackest pits, the environment is degrading faster as corruption is rampant. Racism, sexism, and bigotry of every shape or kind are prevalent outside and inside institutions. Police brutality is a fact and should you have the misfortune of being non-ethnic, their wrath is extra evident.

We believe such a climate affects everything it touches, as such that it should be reflected in your character, where we can catch glimpses of it on the LARP floor. As we touch upon, or even deep-dive into repugnant themes such as violence of any caliber, drugs of every variety, sex aplenty, oppression deluxe, definite powerplay and exquisite corruption, Stockholm by Night is a LARP for adults, as such we have an age restriction whereupon you must be 18 years or older to participate.

But there is also room for laughter, camaraderie, games, and maybe even eternal and immortal love.

As stated earlier Stockholm by Night is a LARP and LARPING is a group activity, thusly there is no "winning", sure one can be victorious in a test of wits or brawn, but in the end, it is the Elders who are the victors. We facilitate this vision by rigorously adhering to our vision, it will always take precedence over rulebooks, we have taken a lot of inspiration from Old World of Darkness, but have meticulously remodeled a lot of the rules and disciplines, as such both rules and disciplines can vary to what you're accustomed to.

Every character portrayed on the floor is either a Neonate, a Fledgeling or a Ghoul, most are in the span of Generation 11-13. We have this policy of Neonate-only to give the players an even of a table, to begin with, and should one want to tailor the experience towards a certain playstyle there is the option of playing a Ghoul or a Fledgeling.

There is a focus of action and consequence in Stockholm by Night, most of the plots and twists are entirely player generated as alliances shifts and breaks under the weight of the beast and the Kindreds petty nature. 

But this is strictly in-game.

We welcome anyone regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion or disability. We are happy to receive ideas on how to better include others from an off-game perspective.

We portray the immortal and immoral prowlers of the night and explore all the nasty themes these denizens of ours can get into, but off-game, there is an unbending no-tolerance policyagainst all forms of bigotry and malfeasance. It is simply put, unacceptable to behave in an unjust manner towards others off-game.

In our opinion, the conflicts and the harsh settings we explore are dependent on the inclusive and good-natured climate we try to keep off-game, as they help us ground us in who we are out of character and who we are in character. In character, we seek out conflicts rather than avoiding them and this is only possible in a safe space. Our hopes are that you will put your character in uncomfortable situations and to be able to discuss what transpired out of character with the players involved can be a very helpful tool to provide that safe space. Care for and place trust in others.

Out of character, we are going to do our utmost to make you feel as welcome and included as possible, all the while trying to make your characters' lives as miserable as we possibly can. With the trusty help of our players of course. Stockholm by Night is a grown-up LARP for grown-ups and this means that we require you to take responsibility for not only your own but your co-players' well-being.

Lastly - Real life will always take priority over the LARP, which means the health and safety for you, should you be uncomfortable with the dark themes and the very bleak and harsh setting of Stockholm by Night, this might not be the LARP for you.