Lajvet 20/11-21

Gallery Withers Presents:

Mind // Soul

An exhibition showcasing two artists with perspectives beyond the physical.

With art asking questions about what lies beneath the surface, you are invited to experience the unsaid and the harshness of the unpolished, enhanced by the sound design of Joey Prophet.

Invite-only viewing Saturday, Nov 20 19:00-23:00

Gallery Withers Selmedalsvägen 38 Axelsbergs centrum

Sonny Kraednis

With inspiration drawn from music, religion and folklore, Kraednis blends the stark reality of the physical with the abstract. Using mixed media art, Kraednis successfully captures the sense of an otherworldly soul in works rich with symbolism.

Florence Valentina

The work of Valentina use elements of expressionism to go beyond the seen, revealing the implied. In a series of works of exposed introspection, Valentina shows the reality of a mind without the filters of properness and convenience.


För allas säkerhet kräver vi att du som ej är fullt vaccinerad använder ansiktsskydd under kvällen.
Var inte oroliga, vi är alla kompetenta lajvare och kan låtsas att masken inte finns på plats under spelet!

Som vanligt vill vi att ni bokar SL-tider, om ni har behov av att prata med oss.


Detta lajv arrangeras i samarbete med Studiefrämjandet.